Residential Window Washing in Chicago

apex building maintanance is proud to be washing the windows of one of the best residential areas in America. Chicago�s suburbs have been an attractive center for people of all walks of life. Let�s face it � in Chicago�s suburbs life is comfortable, safe, and pleasant. Residential areas in Chicago are covered in lush green tress, trimmed to perfection. Lake Michigan is right next door and downtown is easily accessible. What can be better? But the fact that these natural beauties are next door makes your house exposed to some of the harshest elements. And when your sparkling windows lose their luster, apex building maintanance is here to help you quickly and efficiently get rid of the entire gunk on your windows.

Our prices range from $40 for outside only wash of 1-10 windows to $220 for outside and inside washing of 100 windows. It is a bargain that you cannot pass up and something that will leave you feeling proud of your house once again. We are sure that after apex building maintanance is done with their job, you will stand outside your house, sipping on your favorite drink and basking in the luster of your house.

Our residential window washing services include basic window washing, post construction window washing, tracks, mirror, chandelier and exterior lighting fixture washing, skylights, windbreaker and patio glass washing, move in/out washing, maintenance window cleaning, and rain touch ups.

For basic window washing, we will wash the outsides of your windows, especially those difficult to reach spots. For post construction we will even power was the finished work to make sure that everything is clean and shining. For French windows and other tracked windows we will was the tracks to make them look their natural color � not black. Mirrors require extra special care and chandeliers are those fixtures that some are very reluctant to touch. That�s why apex building maintanance is in business � to give you peace of mind when deciding to clean your expensive chandeliers that make that strong statement of class in your living room or hall way. Exterior lighting fixtures get dirty as well, so while hiring us you can also ask us to price out your exterior lighting cleaning to make your patio shine at night, no look dull and murky. Skylights need to be cleaned as well because they are usually hard to reach and require long ladders. apex building maintanance has them and we are more than glad to wash your skylights that will light up your living space.

apex building maintanance is here to make sure that your windows look their best and that your house lights up your neighborhood with light reflecting off its clean glass!