Residential Pressure Washing in Chicago

apex building maintanance is proud to present a service that not a lot of others offer � power washing in Chicago. We are glad to offer it because it goes hand-in-hand with window washing and actually works to benefit the customers as well. It�s a two in one package with apex building maintanance. Power washing your home does not only make it look beautiful, but also makes it less appealing for pests. It should be done at least twice a year, in the beginning of spring and in the end of summer, but one more time somewhere in beginning of spring and the end of fall is recommended.

There is nothing more important in an office building or a home exterior than to having a clan house. A building that is off-white or has some prominent features will have dust and actually small mold begin to build up in the creases and in the areas that are moist and are covered from the elements. Power washing takes care of that with a swift brush of the water power washer. If you are to do this yourself, it would take you a long time because an average power washer is not strong enough to brush off the build up on the exterior. You should definitely think about getting your house power washed. In addition to having the build up of dirt on your house, different flora begins to grown on your house, facilitating cracks and other damage done to your house. This can lead to unnecessary repairs that have to be performed, more cash out of your pocket, and lower value for the house.

Look around your neighborhood. You can always see how dirty houses are. You can see streaks of dust and nasty build up steaming down the sides of the house. The traces of dirt down the sides of the house are nasty and make the neighborhood look old and uncared for. Change that by hiring apex building maintanance to power wash your house and show your neighbors that their house looks old only because it is dirty. It needs to look its best always! Don�t let it age quicker than it should. Keep up its value!

Power washing is not an expensive affair and will save you a lot more cash than you invest in a half day�s work our crew. The hard to reach spots will be cleaned out and your house will finally look the color it is supposed to. Afterwards, you can definitely get the windows washed as the mist off the power wash will be everywhere and will leave streaks on your windows. You don�t have to do the insides, but the outsides will be dirty and your house will look clean, but not as clean as it would with gleaming windows!