Professional Window Washing Services in Chicago

Professionalism is a key to a successful business and happy customers. It is something that is required for a good business practice and something that many businesses actually lack. Some don�t stress that element and get by on what they can and some think (wrongly) that that is not something that is important to being successful. At apex building maintanance professionalism is what we start with. When you get an estimate you will how professional our crew is. We approach every opportunity as if it is worth a million dollars. We know what good work is worth and we know that if we act professionally we assure ourselves repeat business. And repeat business is nearly 70% if all business conducted in any business sphere.

The services we offer are commercial and residential window washing, gutter cleaning and screening, power washing, and much more. We are happy to help people make their houses look like they are worth double their value because of the way they look. A clean house is the one that makes people�s heads turn and turn green with envy when passing it by. The neighbors are assured to try and follow suit, thus lighting up your neighborhood with gleaming windows and shining siding and masonry. Window washing is not as expensive as you would think to wash up to ten windows inside and outside will cost a mere $60. That would take up to the whole day for a non professional to do. You would have to get out the old ladders, buy chemicals, and actually do the washing process. Doing it yourself could also leave streaks on the windows that are so unpleasant to the eye.

apex building maintanance professionals can assure you that your windows will be streak and spot-free and will shine in the sun light. Birds will be flying into the windows thinking that there is nothing there! Our crew members work with you to address any concerns or special needs and are eager to fit our services specifically to your demands. We follow up on our sales to makes sure that our crews did exactly as you asked and to assure that you are 100% satisfied with the services provided. Our professionals can work unsupervised because they are trained to complete their work and never to slack. They work honestly and faithfully earn their checks.

Chicago is full of window washing contractors and not all are as professional as apex building maintanance. We offer extensive services that are sure to fit to your needs. Our specialists will make sure that nothing is damaged and that everything is spot free after our work is done. Some companies will do their cleaning job and then leave other things dirty after their work. They will was windows and get the chemicals on the sills and the floor. The will justify it by saying that their job is done and the rest is none of their concern. Well, it is not so for apex building maintanance. We assure you that everything will be clean and if any water or chemicals fall on the sill or the floor, it will be cleaned.

apex building maintanance is your professional window cleaning partner and we are always here to make sure that you are satisfied with our professional services.