Post Construction Window Washing in Chicago

Chicago is one of the largest construction markets in the United States. That is a good thing. Constructions are messy. That is not the best thing. After everything is cleaned up, such as masonry work, the left over materials, etc., the windows are still dirty. Special care needs to be taken when cleaning windows after the construction has been finished. There may be mortar or paint on the class that is not that easy to come off and apex building maintanance offers services of specialists that know how to make your windows shine while not damaging the glass.

Post construction windows washing requires that special care be taken so that there is no damage. Here at apex building maintanance we know how important it is to have spot-free windows and a clean building after construction. The realtor will have a difficult time selling a building if it is not sparkling clean and we make it our priority to wash your windows and make the radiate good value to the potential customers. We know how picky buyers in Chicago can be and we make it our goal to put in the best effort and make sure that we do a one hundred percent job to assist you in selling your building quickly.

In addition, apex building maintanance not only washes windows, we can power wash your building for you! Make not only the windows shine, but make sure all the gunk of construction is washed off before buyers begin looking at it. Who would want to buy a building with paint and dust all over the siding? Who would want to purchase a building that would still need cleaning between the stone and brick? No one, that�s right. So, apex building maintanance is here to help you spot-dry your building and make it look like a million-bucks (considering its value is lower than a million, that is). We will work hard to clean every corner of the building and every crease, making sure that everything is spot-free and will suit even the pickiest buyer.

So, you finished construction of your building. You cleaned up the area around the construction site and the only dirty thing left is the building itself. You don�t have to look far � your Chicago neighbor apex building maintanance is here to help you make your building look appealing to the potential customers. We will clean the masonry and the siding, the gutters and the windows, and anything else that needs cleaning. After all, who would want to buy a dirty building? That�s right � no one. And we are here to make sure your building sells fast and appeal to the most buyers so you can name your own price and have a higher bid.