High Rise Windows Washing in Chicago

Washing windows is a task that most would find mundane. Well, it mostly it. But then there�s high rise window washing that adds a thrill of being up on a 10 or a 20 story building in burning heat, numbing cold, or most dangerous of all � unpredictable winds. It takes a special kind of experts to be able to perform this dangerous task to make your building sparkle and stand out from the rest, making an impression on your customers and business associates. apex building maintanance is the company for the job with a professional staff ready to go up high in any weather to perform the task that few dare to perform � wash your high rise windows.

Chicago has a myriad of high rise building. Believe it or not, a 6 story building is also a high rise. To wash high rise windows, one would need special equipment to be safely hoisted off the roof and cleaning those windows is a task in it self. The job has to be performed quickly and efficiently in order not to take up the time of the building sparkling in the sunlight. The cherry picker that the window washers use is an eye-sore. So in order to avoid having potential business deals drive up to the buildings and turn around right away, we work fast and efficient so your building will be shining in the sunlight and drawing in business like the sun rays.

Also, Chicago is a windy city. apex building maintanance guarantees the safety of its workers while working on your building. The winds coming from Lake Michigan can be very dangerous at the heights of Chicago�s sky-scrapers and so apex building maintanance employees professional window washers in order to guarantee no trouble for you from accidents and spot-free windows in your office building that shine and radiate the words �great business is here.� It needs to be noted, that apex building maintanance will not turn away your high-rise project, no matter how difficult it will be. It will not matter how tall the building is or how strong the elements are. Our crews are up to the challenge and will do everything possible to have you be satisfied with the way your office building gleams in the sunlight.

High rise window washing in Chicago is an art. It is also a difficult task that only the bravest and most professional companies are willing to take on. apex building maintanance is the company up to the challenge. Any building with windows is a building that we are eager to wash. We will make sure that no smudges are left, no spots are seen, and the sun reflects off the windows beautifully, like in the movies. After all, a clean building will be the first thing that potential business customers see.