Free Estimates from Apex M

Most people are reluctant to call professional window washing, gutter cleaning, and repair services because they charge a small fee for estimates. At Apex M, we feel that that is a practice that is not right for the customer as they are simply interested in the price that they may end up paying. Although it does take away time that a company may spend on actual business, it does provide for great customer service and a more satisfied customer once the deal has been sealed and the job has been done. Regardless of the economic times, a free estimate is essential for a business such as Apex M to be offered because everyone is looking to save money and spend it on things that are for personal enjoyment such as vacations, a new TV, tickets to the ball game, etc.

Chicago is a diverse city. It has rich, middle class, and poor communities. Each one needs the services of a professional service such as Apex M offers. Apex M does not differentiate between those that have a lot of money to spend and those that do not. Therefore, we offer some of the greatest prices in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. It is essential to keep everyone on the same playing field and to give each community the same opportunity.

Apex M offers free estimates for gutter screening and cleaning services that are essential to your house and have to be regularly once the leaves begin to fall. As soon as the do, they will decay within weeks and then the tasks becomes even more daunting and challenging. The leaves, while still fresh, can be cleaned up quick and Apex M professional will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with least cost to you.

In addition to gutter screening and cleaning, Apex M offers window cleaning services that are just as essential to the house during those rainy weeks that Chicago is known for. When the weather brings in the storms over Chicago and the Chicagoland area tons of water pour from the sky. Then, when the sun comes out, the ugly streaks of water are all over your windows and leave the outside world looking gray. By getting a free estimate from Apex M, you�ll see how inexpensive it is to actually utilize the services of a professional window washing company.

Aside from the main two services, Apex M also offers snow plowing in the winter and different handyman services such as remodeling. A free estimate, of course, is offered for these as well. We would be glad to stop by and see how we can help you improve your home and make it last a lifetime!