windows cleaning

Chicago is one of the most demanding windows washing markets in America. With its unpredictable weather and harsh exposure to the elements Chicago requires the best window washing services. Buildings are guaranteed to be dirty more often than in other places. Fear not, however, for apex building maintanance is here to help you get rid of the dirt on your windows and your building fast.

Apex Building Maintenance offers great commercial and residential window washing service in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. We are proud to do our job and are happy to take the task of window cleaning off your hands. Our competitive rates will help you save money on windows washing. In addition, unlike other window washing services, our window washers clean window sills as well - free of charge! We do our best to make sure that you are satisfied with our work and that you feel that you get every penny's worth out of our services.

We offer residential window cleaning as well as commercial window washing in Chicago:

High rise commercial window washing service.
High rise window washing in Chicago is an art. It is also a difficult task that only the bravest and most professional companies are willing to take on. apex building maintanance is the company up to the challenge. It needs to be noted, that apex building maintanance will not turn away your high rise window washing project, no matter how difficult it will be.

Residential window cleaning
Our residential window washing services include basic window cleaning, post construction window washing, tracks, mirror, chandelier and exterior lighting fixture washing, skylights, windbreaker and patio glass washing, move in/out washing, maintenance window cleaning, and rain touch ups.

Post construction window cleaning
Post construction windows washing requires that special care be taken so that there is no damage. Here at apex building maintanance we know how important it is to have spot-free window washing and a clean building after construction.

gutter cleaning

Your house has to be kept clean on the inside as well as the outside. Cleaning up on the inside is not a problem. It is the outside that is a hassle. It means spending another weekend doing a chore that you don't want to do and it means getting up on ladders and climbing on the roof. It is a task that most don't look forward to, especially when falls comes around. But fear not! Apex Building Maintenance is here to give you your weekend back! We offer great gutter cleaning and pressure washing service in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.

Rain Gutter cleaning is an important process that will protect your roof from rotting and your gutters from being clogged by dead leaves. It is a necessary measure to protect your house value and to keep money in your protect that you would save on repairs years down the road. Apex Building Maintenance offers gutter cleaning and gutter screening, in order to protect your gutters from more dead leaves and to make sure you rest assured that your house is clean and decay free.

pressure washing

Pressure washing service is the final touch in the cleaning process. The dead leaves, after they begin to decay and after a few rains begin to leave nasty traces of gunk on the sides of your house. Also, the house gets dirty simply because of the exposure to the elements. The perfect solution to get your house glistening in the sun again is power washing it with our professional equipment! Our pressure washing professionals will be delighted to wash your house and have you sitting on your deck, enjoying the view of your home.

Let Apex Building Maintenance have your neighbors stand in awe of your home, asking whether or not you put in a new addition or put on new siding. Go ahead - tell them you did. Although all it took to make your house look spanking new was a visit from Apex Building Maintenance to power wash your house and clean and screen gutters.

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"He showed up exactly when he was to, did a great job. Very reasonable rates. I will be calling him when my windows need cleaning again"
Customer: Ken B.

"Apex was very thorough and efficient. They were accomodating of my schedule and did an excellent job cleaning my windows inside and out and my gutters. I would definitely use them again and recommend their services to others."
Customer: Tara D.