Exterior Pressure Washing in Chicago

Exterior pressure washing is one of the most important investments that you could make for the value of your house. You will have less damage to your house; you will have to worry about fixing it up less and actually combine more than one service with apex building maintanance and get a great value all in one day. With power washing Chicago your house you get to clean our all of that nasty build up in creases of your house. The siding, the masonry work, and the roof all get worn out. That wear and tear can be lessened by power washing your house two or three times. Once in the spring, once in the summer, and once in the fall. This investment can save you thousands of dollars of expensive roofing work, siding repair, and window replacement. Believe it or not, mold and other flora begin to grow in between the sidings and that facilitates damage to your house. That damage can be lessened or completely eradicated by power washing your house two or three times a year.

In addition to simply washing your house, in the fall that can be combined with our gutter cleaning and screening service, which will protect your house from getting rotted out. If the house begins to rot in the roof, that�s a welcome sign for pests such as rodents and unwanted birds to dwell in your attic or right under your roof. From there, rats and mice can make their way down into your house and begin to damage your home and taint your food if they get to it. So, avoid that with apex building maintanance. Utilize our professional services to keep your house in shape.

Exterior power washing is necessary not only for residential buildings, but for office buildings as well. There is nothing worse than for a potential customer to be turned away by a dirty looking business building. Keep them coming with apex building maintanance. Keep your office building looking good. Most offices are made of brick, but even brick is not 100% weather proof. Cracks are a welcoming spot for different molds and other flora to start growing. Power washing your home will be able to get rid of that and assure that damage is not done to your office. It takes only a few hours to power wash an office building and it is well worth it. Especially in times of economic hardship, businesses need to preserve every penny they can, and that could be easily done with apex building maintanance� power washing service.

So, homeowners and business office owners � attention! Save your property from gradual decay by hiring apex building maintanance� power washer. We will come in and assure that the gunk and the nasty build up is gone from the sides of your house and office building. We will help you return your building to a brand new-looking state.