Commercial Window Cleaning in Chicago

Ah, so you�re in business! You store or office building is standing there and you�re proud that you are the one either selling or owning this building, be you a realtor or a businessman or woman. Chicago�s weather is demanding. Exposing everyone to elements not found in many places in the states. Pollen, dust, rain, hail, and dirt. The winds can be unforgiving. After all that you building will look dull and your building will look gloomy and dirty. apex building maintanance is your neighborhood window cleaner that will assure that your building is the best looking on the block and will have people dropping their jaw when they see how the sun reflects off the clean surface of your business sanctuary.

At apex building maintanance we are proud to be doing what we do because we know that we play a crucial part in positioning your business to the customer. We don�t go out and market you, but we do our part in marketing. No matter what people say, the book is judged by its cover and your business building�s facade is what will attract customer and make potential business partners form a positive opinion of your venture.

apex building maintanance offers a lot more than basic window washing for your commercial real estate. We offer window washing for high and low rise commercial buildings, maintenance window cleaning, post construction window washing, awning cleaning, and more. We work with restaurants, retailers, office parks and office buildings, hotels, schools, medical and dental office, just to name a few.

It does not matter to us what height your building is. apex building maintanance will take on the task regardless of the elements and the height of your commercial building. Heck, we�ll even do the Sears Tower if we are offered to perform such a task. But the smaller one story business buildings are not overlooked either. We are not going to pass up an opportunity to work on even the smallest office buildings. You can even sign a contract with us to make sure that apex building maintanance cleans your windows at certain intervals to make sure that your building always looks its best.

If you�re a realtor and have been trying to sell a business building for a while it is probably getting dirty by now. Call up apex building maintanance and see how different your commercial real estate will look like. You will have a much different expression on your potential buyer�s faces when they see how their future business office radiates light and makes them feel good about going to work each day and sitting in the best looking building on the block. You cannot pass up a selling point like that!

No jib is too small or too big for us at apex building maintanance. We will take on retailers, office parks, dental offices, and even skyscrapers!