Window Washing � Give You Back Your Weekend

There are some tasks that every man dreads, and window washing is definitely one of them. One or twice a year the wife will ask you to wash the windows and make sure they are spotless. Isn�t it just wonderful when those chores fall upon you when it�s your favorite team playing? There is no better way to enjoy that weekend and watch the games that you really want, than to hire Apex Building Maintenance to do the work for you. Window washing is an art, although unrecognized. Our professionals know exactly how to wash them without streaks and smudges, without drops, and without you having to give up your hard-earned weekend time.

Apex Building Maintenance offers affordable windows washing services that are sure to have you satisfied with our work. We offer competitive rates and wash the window sills free of charge. Why should you have to wash the window sills after we were washing the windows? Naturally, water drops down and gets the sills dirty and we feel that it is our responsibility to clean up our own mess. No customer should have to clean up the mess that is created and thus, we do it free of charge. What�s the purpose of cleaning the windows and then leaving the sills messy with water drops? We take pride in our work and want the customers to feel satisfied with the decision to hire Apex Building Maintenance. There is nothing more rewarding than return business.

You can choose to do the inside or the outside of the windows, or both. If your windows are clean on the inside, by the outside is dirty because of the elements over time, we are here to wash them for you. We will make sure that your weekends are spent doing the things that you really enjoy and so you don�t have to stand outside and wash each and every window. In addition, we have the experience to do it fast and with quality output, so the misses won�t be able to find anything wrong with the final work and you will have a peace of mind.

With Apex Building Maintenance you can rest assured that the neighborhood will brighten up after your windows are washed. The sun will be radiating off the recently washed glass just like they show in the movies. Your house deserves to look good � it�s your biggest investment. After all, there is nothing better than sitting outside on the deck, enjoying a drink and seeing your house glistening in sun. You friends are sure to compliment the cleanliness of your windows when they come over for that game day BBQ. Apex Building Maintenance washing service is sure to make your Chicago home have the neighbors coming by and asking whether or not you put in new windows.