Roof Cleaning service in Chicago

Have you noticed that your roof has that greenish glow to it, although it was not supposed to? This is not because your roof is losing color, it is because your roof has algae on it. That algae is not healthy for your home and needs to be takes care of. There can also be a little bit of rot setting in along the edges of the rood where leaves that haven�t been cleaned have been decaying. This all can fixed however. The rot, not really, but the dead leaves and the algae can be cleaned out with power washing. Apex Building Maintenance off the power washing service to you at a competitive price.

We know that you don�t want to spend a lot of money on services such as ours, but it will protect your house from potential future problems. By hiring us you are insuring yourself from future unexpected expenditures that may end up costing you over $5000.A house is the biggest and best investment that you can make in your life and you need to take care of it so it takes care of you.

We also know that you probably don�t want to go up on a ladder and crawl around the roof looking in places that you didn�t even know existed in your house in order to clean out the dead leaves and scrubbing the surface of your roof to get the algae out. You don�t need to do that anymore - Apex Building Maintenance is here to do that job for you. We have the necessary experience and power washing equipment that is sure to get the algae out and return your roof back to its original state. You house needs to look good so that you feel good about yourself.

May the misses has asked you to take care of the roof. Don�t worry we won�t tell her that we stopped by to do the work delegated to you. We will do it quicker and with better results. Apex Building Maintenance is a professional service that serves all of Chicago and Chicago land area so that houses don�t lose their appeal.

The weather in Chicago is unforgiving and the exposure to the elements is sometimes quite extreme. You house takes a beating and eventually your roof gets dirty. We are here to protect your investment the best way we can � power washing your roof in order to keep it from leaking and running your ceilings and costing you a lot of money in damage repair.

Apex Building Maintenance is your neighborhood handyman. We guarantee satisfaction with our services. We will do our best to do our work so well that you will feel that every penny that you�ve invested into this chore you will get back two-fold from the savings you have made on potential damage repair. Protect you house from algae and rot with Apex Building Maintenance.