Power Washing After Construction

After a house is built and the last brick or siding is in place, it needs to be washed. During construction the site is messy, muddy, and dirt is everywhere inside and outside the house. Apex Building Maintenance is here to help you get the house clean and looking great for the potential buyers. We know how important it is for you to sell the house as fast as possible, and we are here to do the job for you.

As a contractor, you have many things to worry about � paying you workers, getting paid yourself, finishing within the time frame. Most of all, the project has to be presentable. Washing the whole house using the construction workers will leave everything messy. They know how to build, but clean is not really a reality for construction workers. By power washing the house, they will not only trample all over the new lawn and get everything else dirty, they will not do it as well as Apex Building Maintenance will.

We have the powerful power washers that can get even the dried mortar off the masonry work and the stone. We will was every single crease and make the house look like it came right out of a gift box. When the potential buyers come by to check out the house, there is greater chance of them closing the deal if the house looks like it was made for a Hollywood star! At Apex Building Maintenance, we view post-construction power washing process as the first, and most important, step in the sales process of the newly finished home.

There is nothing more rewarding for us, than to play our small part in getting your construction project sold quickly. Washing the post construction project requires time and dedication. Most construction workers just want to get done with a project and move on. Power washing the site is the last step for them and they do not do that responsibly and with care. At Apex Building Maintenance, that will be the only role we play in getting your built house on the market and we are ready to clean out the smallest places in order for you to be able to sell quickly and move on.

Apex Building Maintenance is a perfect power washing service. We service the whole Chicago and Chicagoland area. Our competitive prices allow you to save cash on power washing and get a quality wash of your post construction site. It is an important step that you want only done once before the house goes out on the market. If you ask the mason or the siding contractor to do the job � they will not approach it with such responsibility and feeling of importance as Apex Building Maintenance.