Gutter Cleaning � Protect Your Investment

Chicago�s fall weather is definitely not too hospitable for the gutters. Leaves clog the creases in the roof and the downspouts. It is yet another one of those duties that your spouse will bestow upon you in the most inconvenient of times � the football season. Just imagine � getting out that ladder and the gloves, in the gloomy, windy weather of the average fall season in Chicago. There�s nothing more enjoyable on a weekend than being outside in the cold cleaning gutters, right?!

At Apex Building Maintenance, we are here for you to enjoy your football games in the comfort of your living room by taking this unwanted task off your hands! We will clean your gutters and get it all ready for winter, while you sit in the comfort and warmth of your house with friends and enjoy the kick-off. We are happy to provide you this service. Also, as part of our gutter cleaning service we offer gutter screening, to protect large amount of leaves and gunk from making it into your gutter.

Cleaning the leaves out of your gutters and the roof is one of the most important cleaning services for your house. The leaves eventually begin to decay and, consequently, begin to rot your house. This will definitely cause more damage and unnecessary expenses than it would for you to buy the gutter cleaning service from Apex Building Maintenance. It is affordable and needs to be done only once a year. The potential damage to your house not only destroys your home, but it hikes up your heating bill because the heat escapes from the rotted out holes and it takes a lot more energy to heat your house to the comfortable temperatures. It is the money that you can maybe use to buy yourself a ticket to a Bears game, or buy more beer for the game-day party with your buddies.

Just think about it � when you come home and see dead leaves overflowing your gutters and all over your roof it simply looks bad. Also, that thought in the back of your head will keep nagging you about the fact that you will eventually have to go up to the roof and get out that ladder in order to clean all of that out. Why should you sacrifice your weekend for a task such as that. Fall is already bad enough in Chicago, so let someone else to the job for you. Apex Building Maintenance is the perfect service for the job. We are up to the challenge. We know how you want to enjoy your long-awaited time off work for a few days a week worry free.

So go ahead, enjoy your weekend after a long work week. You earned it! Kick back and relax and let Apex Building Maintenance take care of your outside chores!