Gutter and Roof Cleaning in Chicago

Cleaning your roof and gutters is one of the most important ways to keeping your home in a good condition. A neglected roof and unclean gutters can cause problems down the road for you that will hit your check book hard. The repairs to your roof and new gutters cost thousands of dollars. Why waste you money on such things when they can be avoided altogether. Apex Building Maintenance is here to help you in preventing those damages.

Cleaning your roof will assure that your roof does not deteriorate prematurely. We power wash your roof and remove bird nests, when necessary. Seasonal roof cleaning is a process that can be dangerous if you don�t have the special equipment to protect yourself against accidents. Also, why would you want to bother with potential health hazards and, if an accident happens, worry about dealing with the insurance? There are professionals at Apex Building Maintenance that have been in the power washing and roof/gutter cleaning service for a long time and now how to perform the task efficiently and with outstanding results.

Gutter cleaning and downspout cleaning is a process that is even more important that roof cleaning. We usually combine the services because roof cleaning is more of a cosmetic issue and roof are a lot more durable. When gutters are not cleaned properly and downspouts are left at the mercy of the elements, rain water begins overflow and cause damage to the walls of your house and eaves of your roof. Wall deterioration and roof deterioration can cause structural problems for the inner skeleton of your house that has not been made to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and the elements. The potential repairs can set you back thousands of dollars. That money could be put to use in more enjoyable way, such as a vacation or a new house addition (another Apex Building Maintenance service).

Cleaning gutters and downspouts is dirty and dangerous work if you do it yourself. We provide the service at an affordable price so you can enjoy your weekend instead of cursing everything in the world for having to do this work on game day or in the late fall when the weather is cold and wet. We can also install gutter screens for your home so you don�t have to do gutter cleaning as often. We want your home to remain repair free as much you do.

Apex Building Maintenance is you local roof and gutter cleaning services. We will remove that algae from your roof. We are here to clean your gutters and downspouts, and put up the screens so you don�t have to spend that much money on gutter cleaning or devote your own time to do the messy work. If you gutters are broken, we can fix them and install new ones! Call for a free estimate today and open an account with us so you won�t have to search the yellow book and browse for house looking for a good gutter, roof, and downspout cleaning service.